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What’s better than having candy within a chocolate ball boxed with a collectible sticker? Candy-shaped characters in a chocolate ball! It’s like eating your way for a surprise. I remember always begging my mom to buy me one and when they came out with a new theme, I just had to have it. Even though it was smaller than what it seemed on TV, it was the must have candy growing up.

Originally it was called Nestle Magic Ball and it used to contain a little toy instead of candy. It was taken off the shelf when they realized having small toys in a candy was a choking hazard. Imagine that!

So when they re-released it, they decided to just make character shaped candies to satisfy the kids and their parental. Who, after all, are the ones funding this little surprise ball of wonder?

wonder ball

It was basically an edible Pokeball that you caught candy with! I couldn’t be the only person who thought that when they came out with the Pokemon version of it.

They’ve actually received numerous emails inquiring whether or not they would bring the Wonder Ball back. It hasn’t been confirmed, but they’re thinking about bringing it back for a seasonal line. So c’mon people! Start sending those emails and maybe we can bring these bundles of sugar high joys back into our lives!

That theme song though…

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Oh my

On one hand I’m deeply in love with my boyfriend. Ya know, the Greek one? He’s still around. But as satisfying and wonderful as he is, there is always the other hand. I sometimes feel like I’m in love with my English professor from utc. But not like sexual romantic love but a deep friendship love. He has a kid and a wife and he just got his doctorate and he gives me good advice. And while I’m in love with my love, this professor (doctor now, haha) and my other wonderful friends whom I rarely talk to (once a month at least) have a special place in my heart. Like for real. I really love my friends. They’re great. Even if they’re mostly a million miles away.

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